Career Pathing through Training

Over the last few years I have focused on creating a career path.  In HR we often talk about succession planning, pay for performance and set expectations as to goals and objectives. All these aspects have profound impacts on those who we aid in achieving their goals. In the future as the demographics change it becomes even more important to find these high potentials who have consistently stepped up in order to advance their professional careers. It was only natural that I envision career-pathing as an essential component of my life-long career management.

Career pathing is more than a process used by an employee to move their career laterally, or enabling access to promotions and / or transfers between departments. It is in fact the building of career goals, skills and making choices that will accelerate their careers. I’ve always had an ambitious streak in me, and a thirst for knowledge – this lends itself well to really taking an honest look into what is required for career growth.

The plan was to lay out what it means to be successful in my role, and build on the deficiencies in the various competencies which would be required to take me to the next level.  A wise professor during my undergraduate degree once said to me: “Isn’t it funny how the harder we work, the luckier we get”. The statement still has a resonating impact on me which drives and motivates me to work harder.  Starting my career as a Human Resources Specialist, moving to a Human Resources Generalist Role, advancing to a management capacity and then being granted the promotion to a Directors role had to have some luck involved with it. But is it luck, determination, hard work, training or the sheer concept of being at the right place at the right time? I think a bit of all – but training for me has been the primary driver of attaining the required skill sets in being successful at the roles I’ve occupied.

The next step in my career path is to attain a Senior Human Resources Professional designation. Some say it is only a matter of time, and once I have the years of service, I’ll be able to clearly defend the experience basis behind the requirements. This may be true, but for someone as hungry for knowledge as me it is simply not enough. The challenge then becomes creating opportunities for exposure to these strategic factors which will propel my experience further in a shorter period of time. The SHRP is a designation given by the HRPA, and such I am determined to use their Career GPS and the competencies to ensure the basis of my background is founded in a strong foundational base for all areas of HR specializations. It all began with a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations as a way to distinguish myself further from my peers – training will define where it all ends.


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