“Neglected but certainly not Forgotten”

It’s sad to say that it’s been so long since my last post… the site has definitely been neglected for quite some time. “Neglected but certainly not forgotten”.

In the midst of school, work, and various other projects the page fell by the way-side. As such this got me thinking about priorities… How do we set them? How do we define what matters most? Why is it that so often when under pressure or when time is at a premium we avoid one aspect of our responsibilities and focus on perhaps a less important factor giving it priority? In turn – how does this translate to our success at work and what drives us to achieve results?

Priorities are set in many ways. Many individuals think of it as a time management tool in which we try and set and organize as much as we can in the little time we have left after our most important responsibilities are taken care of. Recently, I became a facilitator of Franklin Coveys – 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity.  The ability to uncover and distinguish between time wasters and things that actually provide a return on investment in all aspects of my life lead me to think about what percentage of time was being spent on each function. After all, I couldn’t go teach a program that had such fundamental capacity to lead individuals to better productivity, I had to try it myself.

Now, I’m not saying that it is a science that I have perfected. Refraining from sorting gravel, the little things in life, is not an easy task. However it has become a front of mind concept which helps me plan, establish priorities and act on the important rather than the urgent. As part of this new way of thinking I’ve decided to be more diligent in managing myself so that others don’t have to. In managing myself, I’ll be better able to manage the actions I take daily, weekly, monthly and keep focused on the choices that move me forward in my objectives, personally, professionally and socially. Therefore, 2013 should be a year which will lead to an increased amount of posts on this site. The framework for this resolution will revolve around the simple concept of “I‘ve committed to that, I can‘t do anything else but that.” I’m hoping that my readers will keep me accountable – One Post per Month!

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