Mentor’s Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring can also provide a beneficial experience and have a significant impact on the mentor themselves.  Individuals who enjoy mentoring describe it as a process by which they are motivated and which allows them to share or teach other the valuable knowledge they have learned. Mentoring does require one to take time out of their schedule. Mentoring may also seem like a lot to bite off when one is trying to juggle many competing priorities of one’s job and life; however there is a significant return on investment when one spends their time mentoring.

Benefits to the Mentor:

  • Strengthening of one’s knowledge base
  • Communication skills improve
  • Enhances leadership skills
  • Fine tunes teaching and coaching skills
  • Encourages mentors to become reflective practitioners
  • Creates new support networks with other professionals in the field
  • Provides intrinsic satisfaction by helping a new professional develop their potential
  • Demonstrates a commitment to personal and professional development of self and colleagues
  • Extends current network

One acronym used often when creating a process for successful mentoring relationships is AIMS.

A successful mentor

…has an appropriate motivating ATTITUDE in the way they communicate and share information.

…spends time INVESTING in the relationship that is built as a result of the process rather than just the outcomes

…reciprocates the MUTUAL feelings of the two parties involved in the relationship. The two become fundamental blocks and stakeholders that will establish a pathway to success.

…is passionate about the work, the company, its success and has a STORY to tell that provides a clear message.

The mentor first priority in building trust is to establish honesty; this trust will be effectively used to listen to the concerns and comments of the mentee while building further rapport. It is important to remember that the mentee looks up to the mentor and will be looking for guidance relating to all issues and options available to them throughout this partnership. The cooperation of this working partnership should provide various strategies and tactics that should then be incorporated into a process of increasing productivity and revenues for the organization. The mentor establishes a network that benefits the business and builds a strong brand for the organization in terms of corporate and organizational learning but also establishes himself /herself as a key leader in forming and educating the future leaders of the organization – a wonderful accomplishment to be proud of.

It is important for everyone to assess the role they can play within a mentoring environment. Often times, individuals will not volunteer to be mentors unless approached and asked directly. Everyday this talent is wasted within our organizations. A talent that if harnessed can add depth to the individuals role and their commitment to the organization. It can also be argued that the mentor leaves behind a legacy for all future candidates that carry on the knowledge through the ages. This underutilized tool within our workplace can be a fundamental aspect of on-the-job learning as more natural attrition takes place with retiring baby boomers in our workforce. It is not an easy program to establish but the benefits are clear.

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