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Disecting Employee Engagement – Self Determination and Self Efficacy Theories

Human are inherently motivated to grow and achieve and will fully commit to and engage in uninteresting tasks when their meaning and value is understood.Satisfying employee needs for competence, relatedness and autonomy will create enduring sustainable motivation. A recent meta-analysis conducted by the Gallup Organization showed that the most profitable work units have people doing what they do best, with people they like, and with a strong sense of psychological ownership for the outcomes of their work. (Harter, 1999)

HRPA 2012 Annual Conference & Trade Show

HR’s universe is expanding as the world of work rapidly evolves. Join us as we explore The Future of HR: 2012 and Beyond.

Disecting Employee Engagement – The Definition

Today’s businesses focus a great deal of attention on employee engagement as its consequences are said to be far reaching on the success of the business. It has been reported that roughly half of the world workforce is not fully engaged. As a result this leads to an “engagement gap”[i] that costs organizations over $300 …

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