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“Neglected but certainly not Forgotten”

In the midst of school, work, and various other projects the page fell by the way-side. As such this got me thinking about priorities. The ability to uncover and distinguish between time wasters and things that actually provide a return on investment in all aspects of my life lead me to think about what percentage of time was being spent on each function. Resolution 2013!

Social Media

In Human Resources; I have seen more and more utilization of social media to exchange ideas; brainstorming of standards and sharing information related to everyday and strategic ventures which help the companies move forward. Hiding from the social media network in the 21st century or embracing it wholeheartedly is not as cut and dry as it seems.

Hello World!

After long deliberation and dragging of my heels,  I have finally started a blog. Why? Well, first because it will allow me to reflect on the work that I am passionate about.  Second, to comment on current issues and keep up to date while entertaining the rest of you… my readers. An individual is likely …

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