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Shift Happens 2011 – Did You Know 3.0

Shift Happens 2010 The world around us changes constantly. Will we keep up?  

HRPA 2012 Annual Conference & Trade Show

HR’s universe is expanding as the world of work rapidly evolves. Join us as we explore The Future of HR: 2012 and Beyond.

Above Average Performance

On average professionals believe they can be 35% more productive if they were in a role that fully leveraged their unique strengths and passions. There is an unprecedented untapped organizational potential that goes to waste yearly. We (Human Resources Professionals) are the specialists in this capacity and we have the tools and knowledge to capitalize on this “actionable information”

Social Media

In Human Resources; I have seen more and more utilization of social media to exchange ideas; brainstorming of standards and sharing information related to everyday and strategic ventures which help the companies move forward. Hiding from the social media network in the 21st century or embracing it wholeheartedly is not as cut and dry as it seems.

Measuring Your Life

“The choice and successful pursuit of a profession is but one tool for achieving my purpose”.

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